Commissioner's House
Business and Corporate Events at Commissioner's House

Revenge & Temeraire

Revenge & Temeraire, both originally the Commissionerís morning & drawing rooms, are elegant airy rooms. Revenge faces west over The Historic Dockyard & the River Medway and Temeraire faces east over Commissionerís House gardens.

These rooms are popular choices for boardroom style meetings, client entertaining and private dinners.

Max No's Layout Revenge Temeraire
Theatre 30 20
Classroom - -
Boardroom 15 8
U shape 14 7
Banqueting 15 8
Cabaret 14 7
Standing 40 30

Additional Information
Size - square meters 27.5 25
WiFi Yes Yes
Natural Daylight Yes Yes

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Commissioner's House, The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent. ME4 4TZ.

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